Let your team focus purely on production outputs

Production teams can benefit by providing accurate and detailed product information in real-time.

Why Production Teams choose
Total Configurator

Reduced friction

Remove friction to smooth out order to production processes through faster configuration and automating manual processes.

Greater detail

Ensure all selections and options configured in customer orders are included, recorded and passed to production.

Efficient error-free ordering

Enable visual order configuration and generate automated bill of materials shared with other departments.


Optimise your workflow
with Total Configurator

Real-time visual configuration

Our easy to navigate visual display, streamlines customer engagement in real-time, delivering vital touch-points through the ordering process. Total Configurator helps connect your buyer with a visual product configurator, removing complexity. Total Configurator tracks customer behaviour providing data-centric insights.

Accelerate sales

Total Configurator is a platform for Sales teams to help increase lead generation, eliminate tedious time consuming sales work, free up more time to build customer relationships and effectively boost revenue. Process more orders with up to 80% time savings through automation.

Integrate into existing technology

Supercharge your existing business systems with our Total API. We’ve built Total Configurator with friction-less integration in mind and our support team will help integrate a dedicated API seamlessly into your existing ERP or CRM platform. Total Configurator delivers a holistic ordering process, leaving you to scale business and build customer relationships.

Inventory Workflow

Total Configurator will integrate with your existing CRM system and manage parts, descriptions and code items seamlessly through your customers buying experience. As your customer builds a tailored product, Total Configurator will produce an automated bill of materials for the configured order, giving more insight to inventory and resource planning.


Trusted by Businesses

‘From the moment we launched our usability test, it took only a week to get useful results — and we were able to begin synthesising results as each user response came in, giving us a real-time picture of how the tests were progressing. That speed and clarity was a big plus for us.’

Head of Marketing

Global Access Control Manufacturer

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