Great power requires great precision: Visual Configuration in Agri Engineering

Agri Engineering sector customers need clarity on their ordering needs for machinery, platforms and accessories to ensure robust functionality.

Great power requires great precision: Visual Configuration in Agri Engineering

One notable facet of the Agri Engineering industries is the concept of raw power.

Each and every device, machine and platform is designed to shift and carry massive loads or break through impenetrable, hardened surfaces and enable their operators to enhance their working capabilities.

This power however requires an equal measure of precision and skill to operate the equipment to achieve optimum results and performance, and any lack of precision can cost in time and materials on a project and even have potential safety implications.

Agri Engineering sector customers need great clarity on their ordering needs for machinery, platforms and accessories to be able to carry out their work and tasks efficiently and safely.

They need to be able to correlate their understanding of what deliverables and outputs they need, with the product information available AND their existing tools and accessories.

Understand your machinery needs

In so many use cases, machinery from one manufacturer and accessories from another manufacturer, may not function together correctly, or may indeed be completely incompatible.

In the world of Agri engineering, the importance of compatibility is so much more powerful than this example in that badly fitting or incompatible components will not function correctly (if at all) and will lead to downtime, and perhaps in worst case scenarios, serious work site injuries in an industry which has the worst rate of worker fatal injury (per 100,000 workers) of all the main industry sectors, with the annual average injury rate over the last five years around 21 times as high as the all-industry rate.

It is therefore essential that customers are empowered to the highest possible level to understand their device and machinery needs for a job and based on what existing tools and machinery they intend to use it with.

Visual configuration from Total Configurator can help here in a number of important ways.

100% Visual Configuration

Visual recognition can be instilled into customers to recognise shape, size and general appearance of the correct and incorrect accessories and machinery types.

Total Configurator is a 100% visual platform which means that all configurations and choices are made with imagery and visual selections. It will in most cases be apparent to the end customer that an accessory or option is suitable and compatible with their already installed or purchased equipment and this can guide the selections made into being safe, efficient and compatible, free of errors.

Ensure Compatibility

Total Configurator can ensure that when configuring quote requests for machinery requirements, that only compatible options are available and presented, thereby ensuring that in addition to visual recognition, that the compatibility rules surrounding an added and available item will also ensure control in the configuration. Again this eliminates errors in these quote requests, well in advance of them arriving with sales team or sales dealership.

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Reduce order errors in your business

This fully visual product configuration has been proven across many industries with the key intent and purpose of reducing revenue leaks through misconfigurations in customer orders and the associated costs of rectifying these.

If you want to know more about visual configuration for Agri Engineering and how Total Configurator can offer enhanced control and sales process empowerment, talk to our team and book a demo.